Dancing in the Dark: Obligatory New Years Post

“How long will I be in the dark?”  

“Until you can see in the dark!”

Happy  New Year to those who acknowledge that sort of thing.

I extend love and blessings for those who joined me on the dark side.  I appreciate your support and feedback. May the INTP Apocalypse continue to entertain and inspire you.  For you, things will get even darker as this year’s subscriptions will incorporate more traditional horror.   Quarterly and semi-annual subscribers will receive bonus, seasonal material and other tokens of my gratitude.   Yearly subscribers will receive the same along with the chance to have a character based on them featured in a future story.  Details of this contest will be out around March.

Floating in the dark went well for this blog as last year, so much of what goes on will remain unchanged.  I will make the unpaid portion of this site slightly more enticing by adding character bios, world building posts, and the like, but the best of the dark goodies will remain in the shadows.  If you want to apply for the subscription, please email me at knb@kaninibutler.com.  For samples of my writing, please see my short stories and ongoing serials.

As for the writing, I have four total projects active in addition to the blog.  The subscription will roll on as planned with 15,000 word stories per month.   Depending on the content, I may make these stories available in the store.   Actually, no, that’s unlikely as most have been too dark for mass consumption.  Sorry general public (not really)! The final 20k of Dark City will make its appearance by Halloween.  There is a slightly more digestible novel in the works and I will be putting old stories to rest on a new page called The Bone Yard. Finally, I am beta-ing a new subscription for those who prefer a little spice in their supernatural encounters.

Make the best of 2017!

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