La Bruja: Fear

Serpents of Smoke

Bothwa emerged from the corner and for the first time in forever, Abuelita felt the flutter of fear in her chest.  

The entity was just as large and intimidating as she had imagined, but his visual form brought heft to his presence.  It pressed outward and urged her to run or submit.  

From her bed, Melissa grunted and jerked on the cuff as if she, too,wanted to escape the room.  

Abuelita stood her ground.  

“My daughter is not a toy,” she spat, “She is not a sacrifice for you to torture as you see fit. You will return to the beyond and leave us in peace.”

“Your daughter owes me a sacrifice,” Bothwa smiled. “I’m not leaving without it.”

Melissa whined, her eyes filling with tears.

“Bothwa,” Abuelita was calm,“You were called to do her bidding, but you did no work.  You do not deserve the sacrifice.”

“You stole it from me!” Bothwa roared.  “She called on me! She gave the soul to me!  This was all for me!”

Melissa closed her eyes and let out a small sob.   

“Go, Bothwa,” Abuelita gestured a dismissal.

“You did not summon me, old woman,” Bothwa loomed over the hospital bed, causing Melissa to cower into the thin pillow. “And you cannot banish me.”

“I would not dishonor you with such a base action,” Abuelita moved between Bothwa and Melissa. “I am asking your to leave on your own.”

“Or what?” Bothwa asked and reached past the woman to put the pad of his thumb on Melissa’s forehead.


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