La Bruja: Wit

Serpents of Smoke

Finley Tilden was not a woman to cower in the face of power.  She opted for wit over brute strength of any sort.  That is how she moved through life and that is how she freed James.

“It was only fair,” she choked out the words, pushing back against the force holding her down.  

“On your feet,” the old woman said and the pressure dissipated.

Finley stumbled to her feet and pressed her back against the hotel door.  She and the woman sized each other up for a moment before she spoke.

“You’re her mom?”

“In a sense,” the woman nodded sending sparkles through her silver hair. “I raised her and taught her all that she knows.”

“Ah,” Finley saw an opening, “So this is all your fault.”

The woman looked stunned and Finley continued.
“You gave her the skills, but not the morals.  Were you dying?  Did she have to leave?  How did you skip the part about not ruining other people’s lives?”

“You are clever,” the woman smiled, “but your words will only delay my vengeance. Feel free to talk a bit more, we still have time.”

“That’s what your daughter said,” Finley let herself relax. The situation was already turning to her favor. “But we all know how that ended up.”

“I am not blinded by love,” the woman countered, gesturing to the empty bed. “Nor enraged by lust.”

“Aren’t you?”  Finley suppressed a smile. “Bloodlust on behalf of a loved one?”

“True,” The woman gave her a sad smile. “Unfortunately for you, that is our way.”


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