La Bruja: Hidden Assailant

Serpents of Smoke

“The assailant has been identified as Melissa Holden, one of the apartment residents.”

Finley Tilden  heard the news anchor’s words and laughed.  The women sitting near her in the nail salon gave her disapproving looks.

Finley tried to suppress her mirth, but it bubbled out in sloppy snickers.

“That’s bad luck and disrespectful to the dead,” the woman painting Finley’s nails frowned.

“I’m just happy the murderer got caught,” Finley replied.

The manicurist looked doubtful but went back to work without another word.

“She was a real bitch,” Finley suddenly felt the urge to defend herself.  “She was

always doing dirty shit and getting away with it. She really deserved to get caught.”

“It’s sad either way,” one of her fellow customers said.   

Finley looked around at all of the disgusted faces in the shop and bit her tongue.   The old woman with the knee length silver hair was particularly unnerving .  She would wait until she was somewhere safe to celebrate her victory.

That safe place turned out to be the hotel room where her ex-husband, James Holden, hid from the media storm surrounding his current wife.  James and Finley were married one year before Melissa got her witchy claws into him and killed Finley’s dream.   All these years later, Melissa’s spell broke and James called Finely for assistance. It was messy and too many people perished, but the world was righted and Melissa was nearly out of the picture.
“Real love can’t be broken,” Finley whispered as she rolled over and kissed James.  He pulled her closer without rousing from sleep.

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