August Subscription Part 3

Good afternoon Roomies,

I hope my subscribers are enjoying the third installment of August’s subscription.  Today, you’ll get another peek at the workings behind the Method and a little surprise that might make you take a new side in the introvert vs extrovert fight.  

This story is unfolding far slower than I planned (which is great for you!), so I remapped the outline. From where we are now, you can expect two more months of Tegan, Soren, and Pavi.  

If you haven’t joined the us in the Far Backroom, please click here for subscriptions options.  

For those of you enjoying the regular blog, I am happy to announce that I will re-start daily posts in September.  I’ll start with the next portion of Dark City, but I’ll intersperse the narrative posts with subject specific content such as Halloween happenings and book reviews.  

If you have any questions comments or concerns, please drop me a line at

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