Dark City: Ilma’s Game

“Or so I led you to believe,” Ilma smirked. “I needed you to do my bidding.”

“No,” Egoly shook his head, “You showed me how.”

“I showed you what you needed to see in order to fulfill your duties,” Ilma turned her focus to Kaleigha. “What must I show you to bring you to my side?  Hmmmm?”

“We are not your toys, Ilma,” Egoly said, his voice wavering as he uttered her name.

“I literally created you,” Ilma laughed, “That thing within you that makes you struggle and fight?  You got that from me. And just like any gift, it comes with strings.  I will use your own strength against you and you will beg me to command you.”

“Let’s go,” Kaleigha pulled at Egoly’s arm.  Dread and longing rose up in her gut.  Ilma was right, they were too vulnerable here. “She’s trying to get us hyped up.”

“Well she’s succeeded,” Egoly clenched his fists. “We should put her back to sleep!”  “No,”Kaleigha looked around at the bright lights. “She’ll be free to roam around, like before,  in her dream form.  Just like you did.”

“We have to do something, Kaleigha,” Egoly softened suddenly. “We can’t let her terrorize us forever.”

Kaleigha studied Egoly.  The longing ate at him, too.  He wanted nothing more than to return to Ilma’s world and…and what? The war was an abstract concept to Kaleigha.  Nothing came to mind beyond what others told her.  The harder he fought, the easier it was for Ilma to trip him up.  To draw him in and use him to end the city.

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