Dark City: The Other Fadian

“That might be unwise,” Ilma said, giving Egoly a pointed look.  

“Where are they?” Kahleigha asked, picturing a room of people in deep meditation.

“Right where you left them,” Ilma strained to see Khaleiha’s face.  “Deep in the tunnels beneath this village.”

“What!” Kahleigha stepped around to the front of the throne.  “I know I didn’t fuck that up!”

“What do you know?”Ilma growled.  “You are like every other Fadian. Power without discipline or direction.  You need me.  If only to help you focus.  What were you before me Egoly? An overgrown child so wild and mad that your own mother, your own flesh and blood, bound you and left you in the darkness to rot.”

Kahleigha watched Egoly as he quivered at Ilma’s words.  She blinked to clear her vision, certain that man would melt into puddle right before her eyes.

“The city would fall long before the overlords ever cracked the gates,” Ilma continued her poison speech. “Assuming you didn’t kill each other first.”

Kahleigha hated to agree with Ilma, but the woman was right.  There was no way she could replicate the change that remodeled the city, not even to improve the lot of her fellow Fadian. Not to mention, the change only came about because Egoly may have possibly been trying to end her.

“WE CAN HOLD THIS CITY!” Egoly bellowed as if willing it to be so.


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