Dark City: Escapees

“Well I- I,” Egoly faltered , “I’d rather not say.”

“You will say,” Kahleigha moved toward him.

“Oh, alright, ok!” Egoly gave in, “They wanted to get away from the city.  They don’t want to be found.  Ever!”

Egoly looked back and forth between the two women.

“Talk or else,” Kahleigha threatened.  She suddenly empathized with Felder. People were too unstable to be left to their own devices.  The thought made her furious and she lashed out a Egoly.

“How many did you lose in the starways? Or did you leave them there on purpose?  At least they were out of the city.”

“So that’s your plan?” Ilma rolled her eyes. “Leave me in the space between worlds so I’m suspended for eternity?”

“Do better,” Khaleigha spat and strode over to the throne. She touched the sparkling rock, hoping to remember it’s significance.

Her brain quivered as the memory constructed itself.  This rock, like Ilma, was from the world beyond dreaming. It was “real” and acted as a fixed point for the dreamscape of Ilma’s mind. The rock tethered her to the city and kept the former Sleeper from waking in her own world.  Kahleigha looked around, gaining understanding of the chamber’s set up.  The bright lights kept Ilma  awake and prevented her from slipping into her dream form.  The rock had not come with Ilma, it was brought to the city by Egoly in the days before Kahleigha abducted the woman and trapped in the chamber.

“I told you I’d done it before,” Egoly muttered and the memory took hold in his mind.  “I would do it again for the city.”

“For love?” Ilma taunted him with a cruel smile.

“Shut the fuck up!” Kahleigha said and closed her eyes.  She wondered if the new memories eventually shoved the old ones out of her brain?  Would she someday forget her old life?  “I think we need the other Fadian.”

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