Dark City: Egoly’s Reform

“What is this new found spirit, Egoly,” Ilma mused, cocking her head to the side. “ You used to be my eyes and ears in both worlds. Now you want to get rid of me.”

Ilma pouted.  It was horrific thing to see under the glare of the bright lights.

“I thought I was helping,” Egoly squirmed uncomfortably. “But now I see that path cannot be followed.”

“No,” Ilma gave him a sly smile. “ You see and pretty woman who is powerful and of your ilk.  And now you…”

“Don’t trivialize this,’ Egoly huffed.  He stole a quick glance at Kahleigha.

“What?”  Ilma feigned innocence. “Is one separate from the other?”

“I suppose not,” Egoly backed down, “But you no longer have the right to judge us.

Kahleigha was so fixated on the fact Egoly spied for Ilma that it took a moment for Kahleigha to realize they were talking about her.

“I’m standing right here,” she interrupted, waving her arm.

“Sorry, Kahleigha,” Egoly reached for her hand, but she snatched it away.  Pain welled up in his eyes and he looked away shamefaced.

“As much as I love to watch a good break up,” Kahleigha said, eyeing the the chamber door, “We need to keep this city whole.”

“Right,” Egoly regained his composure  and turned back to Ilma.  “As I was saying, you can go back to the world beyond dreaming.  The Fadian are strong enough to hold the city.”

“For how long?” Kahleigha asked, no longer trusting  her fellow Fadian.

“Until the overlords break through?” Ilma shrugged.

“Take them with you,” Egoly countered, still hopeful.

“They aren’t Fadian,” Ilam shook her head in disgust, “The will never survive the journey.”

“I will help you transition them,” Egoly was animated. “I’ve done it a hundred times.”

“With who?” Khaleigha and Ilma asked at the same time.


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