Novelette Subscription

Purify your soul with a good smug

Greetings everyone!  


The next big thing is here.

Starting July 1st, you, dear reader, will be able to subscribe to the good stuff.

For just $3.99 a month you will receive a 15,000 word story delivered in weekly increments every Sunday morning.  

The stories can be purchased in one, three, six, and twelve month subscriptions with discounts for multi-month purchases.  Check out the options here.

So what happens to the rest of the blog?  

Things will plod along as usual.

 Dark City will carry out to its eventual conclusion and I may even bring back Faded Soul.

The INTP Apocalypse will begin to unfold with world building and character background posts.

I will also post random creative morsels that have no obvious place as yet.

There will be plenty to keep you entertained between subscription deliveries.  

If you have any questions, comments, or technical concerns, please email me at or leave word in the comments of this post.  



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