The INTP Apocalypse

Marshall the darkness within How far will you go to save yourself?

The INTP Apocalypse is a new concept whirling around in my brain.  Like most INTPs, I’ve become enthralled by the concept and its influence on my life.  I took the Myers-Briggs personality test  23 years ago and fudged the results because it didn’t seem like something colleges would appreciate (lo and behold this is a common tactic of my personality type).  In the wake of the nerd takeover of the current times, there is greater appreciation and acceptance of quiet rationals who are fluent in sarcasm and are guided by logic instead of emotion.

But heaven to me is a cold world to others.  And so I began to wonder how the dominant types would hold up in a world dictated by one of the rarest types.  My musings are evolving into a world instead of a specific story.  So I’m going with the flow.  Build the world and it will birth the characters.  Flesh out the characters and let them tell me their story.  Hold on tight, this is ‘darker’ than anything I’ve ever written.


What is the INTP Apocalypse


It is a space where you are trapped with  your thoughts.

You are haunted by failure yet unmotivated to act on any and all efforts

The heart constantly flips between a flicker of fear and a flutter of hope

There is a endless pull to the darkness

And only a feral need to survive keeps you from plunging into oblivion

The dim present is seeped in terror from the chaos lurking just beyond the periphery.  

And you are reminded that you are only steps ahead of the icy grasp of the deadly past

Yet careening headlong into the fetid maw of an unreliable future.

The only relief comes when you realize that you must become the Sociopathic Youth/the Narcissistic Parent/the Psychotic Elder¹ in order to slog through the endless night.

Empowered by the decision to be the villain, you beat back the past and halt the future’s drag 

To stand amidst the carnage of your present

And wonder idly if it is Ancient Futurism² or Future History³  that has brought you to this point.



¹The Dark Triad

²The future as predicted and actively built by generations long  past.

³Still working on articulating this concept.   It is something akin to predestination, but with no divinity involved.  Its basic sentiment: “We can’t help it, we’re human.”  More later!





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