Dark City: The Present Task

Egoly politely cleared his throat, dragging Kaleigha back to the present task.

“My father,” Kaleigha started, but her voice hitched on the word ‘father.’  She took a deep, cleansing breath, looked at Egoly, and started over. “Felder seems to think I have ruined the order of the city.”

Kaleigha paused. She felt Egoly stiffen in anticipation of the answer.

Ilma did not react on any level.  Even her energy was undisturbed.  

Kaleigha remained silent until  Ilma raised an eyebrow.

“But who is to say that driving out the overlords and setting the city right is not the original state of the city?”

Ilma’s face hardened, but she did not speak.

“You’ll have to answer that,” Kaleigha sighed, already tired of this battle, “If you want to be free.”

Egoly uttered a small cry, but remained in position.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ilma averted her eyes.

“You keep saying that,” Kaleigha laughed aloud.  “As if our friends and family mean nothing to us.  As if we would be ok with whatever you have planned for them.”

“You’ll be without them soon enough,” Ilma said, “You’ll have to cope the best you can.”

“I doubt that,” Egoly scoffed and smiled at Kaleigha, “We are wasting time with this one.”

“Nah,” Kaleigha studied the woman, “There’s something more that she’s not revealing.”

“What will you give me if I tell you?”  Ilma teased. “Surely not my freedom?”

“According to you, it doesn’t matter,” Kaleigha shrugged.

“It doesn’t,” Ilma matched her shrug and tone.

“So talk,” Kaleigha challenged her, “Convince the greatest Fadians, the alpha and the omega, to follow you into the world beyond dreaming.”

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