Dark City: The Change

“Oh!” Kaleigha gasped when the feeling pried open the lobes of her brain.

“Remembering are we?” Ilma hissed and struggled against  her bonds.

“Yeah,” Kaleigha sobbed, as the jumbled images of the  huge fight that led to Ilma’s captivity flooded her brain. “What is this?”

“It is what you’ve done!”  Ilma screamed.  

Kaleigha looked around the room for help comprehending the images and Ilma’s words.  

The elders stared her in awe, silent for once.  

“You are a true Fadian,” Egoly let go of her arm and bowed.  A thread of fear laced his respectful tone.

Kharim bounced on the balls of his feet, grinning.  

“But that never actually happened!” Felder muttered darkly and began to pace the room.  

“Clearly it did,” Ilma sneered and shook her wrists.  “How else do you explain this?”

“You..you were going to kill us,”  Kaleigha squeezed her eyes shut as more memories jumped into her mind.  “I had to stop you.  I was the only one who could stop you.”

“It must be done,” Ilma’s voice softened.  “We are needed back in my world.”

“We,” Kharim asked, no longer smiling.

“Me, Kaleigha, Egoly, and the rest of the Fadian,” Ilma sighed as if she’d told this story countless times. “The war…”

“Shut up, woman!”  Felder stopped pacing and turned on Kaleigha.  “Change it back, Kaleigha.  NOW!”

A stunned silence filled the room. Even Ilma stopped struggling on her throne.

Kaleigha searched her father’s face for a sign that he was up to some new charade.  Something to get them out of the village and away from the Elders, but there was none.  

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