Dark City: New Jobs

“Have you ever met a Labor Leader?” Felder pushed for more information.

“Har, Har, dad,” Kasim made a silly face and crossed his arms over his chest.  “I was just at your office last week!”

“Sure, sure,”  Felder winked conspiratorially and the kid. “Anything you say.”

“You work on the top floor at Central Square Tower!” Kasim insisted. “You’re the chairman, Ms. Tolvan is your alternate, Mr. and Mrs. Golick are your stewards and…and… Mr. Valentine is your secretary.”

“You have a good memory!”  Felder laughed and the dread in Kaleigha’s chest evolved into full blown fear.  The brightness of this current city had not erased the memories of what happened in the penthouse.  

“I wonder will Kaleigha come visit me again,” Felder asked, reading the fear on  her face.

“No,” Kasim squeezed Kaleigha’s hand, “But Kharim will.”

“I will?”  Kharim snorted.

“Yeah!” Kasim scoffed, “You have to learn your job!”

“I wish I could visit dad,” Kaleigha said into the stunned silence.  She hoped it came across as a threat.

“You won’t have time,”  Kasim worked his brow as if to calculate the possibility.  

“I think I can slip away for a bit,” Kaleigha looked at Felder pointedly.  “Just long enough so that no one will notice.”

“No, you’ll be too busy keeping the city alive,” the child squeezed her hand again and gave her a pitying look.  

“R-ri-right,” Kaleigha stuttered, blown away but Kasim’s response.

“Don’t worry,” her little brother gave her a wide, admiring smile, “If the elders name you Fadian, you are already worthy.  Isn’t that right, Mr. Egoly?”

“We’re here!” Kharim exclaimed, cutting off Egoly’s response.

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