Dark City: Reeled In

“You did it!” Egoly gushed after a moment of silence.  A bright smile spread across his face as Kahrim folded her into a crushing bear hug.  

“Oh, yes, excellent work,” Felder’s voice was brittle with barely contained rage, “You’ve pulled me from the towers back to this bullshit neighborhood.”

“What happened?”  Kaleigha ignored her father.  

“I’m not sure,” Kahrim shook his head, “One moment I was in the park, the next moment I was upstairs eavesdropping on Egoly’s conversation with your mom and Felder.”

“I was in a whole other dimension,” Egoly said, his eyes brimmed with tears. “I blinked and found myself in the back seat of the SUV.  The driver did not seem to think anything was amiss when I asked where I was.  He told me the name of the neighborhood and went about his duties after we pulled up to this house.”

“What’s this whole story about the village?” Kahrim asked suspiciously as he finally pulled away from Kaleigha.

“There was an attache on the seat beside me,” Egoly shrugged, “The letters of acceptance for you, Kasim, and Kaleigha were the only documents in there.”

“Accepted to a school?”  Kaleigha frowned. She hadn’t even finished high school and she didn’t know any college that took little kids.

“I don’t know,”  Egoly’s wonderment was not diminished by this mystery.  

“I don’t think mother does either,” Kaleigha’s frown deepened. “She’s too calm.”

“Let’s just play along and see what happens,” Egoly patted her shoulder. “We should be ok as long as we stick together.”

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