Dark City: Reunion

“Lee Lee, don’t be so fresh,” her mother distracted her for a moment.  When she looked back at her father, he was smiling again.  “We have company.”

Kaleigha followed her mother’s gesture and nearly fainted.

“Good evening, young lady,” the well dressed man stood up to shake her hand. “I am Egoly.”

“I know who you are!” Kaleigha was on the verge of hysteria. “What do you want from me?”

“Oh it is so wonderful!” Her mother fluttered around excitedly. “Here sit down.  You’ll never believe.”

“No!” Kaleigha shook off her mother and backed toward the door.

“Now Kaleigha,” Felder sat up and frowned, “I know you’re excited, but that is no reason to forget your manners.”

“What the hell is going on!”  Kaleigha gripped her sides with trembling hands.

“We’re going to the Village!” an excited voice piped from the top of the stairs.    

Kaleigha sagged against the door.  Her older brother, Kahrim, stood on the upper landing beside little boy.  

“Ma,” Kahrim smiled, “Kasim can’t seem to find his favorite set of pajamas.  Can you come help him look?”

“Yes,” their mother took the hint, flitted up the stairs and led the child away. “I think I know just where they are.”

The moment her mother’s voice trailed down the hall, the facade of calm broke.  All  three men rushed Kaleigha, babbling excitedly in hushed whispers.

“I can’t listen to all three of you at once!” She growled.  The lights flickered eliciting cringes from all present.

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