Dark City: The Return

“Lee-Lee La La,”   sweet sing-song  voices reached her through darkness. “ Yo mama want you.”

The chorus of childish giggles made her eyes snap open.  

She stood at the top of her old block back in the city.  Only it wasn’t the block of old.  The sagging row houses were now  neat and tidy, the gutted streets were all smooth and free of trash,  and the thin waifs that haunted the stoops were carefree cherubs playfully vying for her attention.

“What is this?” She whispered as she searched the street for her mother. The woman stood on their stoop, plump and smiling, waving at her.  

“Kaleigha!” she called, the setting sun gleamed off the towers that rose above the neighborhood and bathed her in a warm halo. “There’s someone here to see you!”

“The sun!” Kaleigha hissed, shading her eyes as she marched down the block.  Cars well beyond the income bracket of the neighborhood lined the street, but the one parked in front of her home was particularly posh.  A uniformed driver paced along the length of the shiny SUV and jumped to attention as she passed by.  She recognized the man as the driver from the masjid, Sayeed.

Kaleigha looked up at the twilight sky before steeling herself to enter the house.  

“There’s my baby girl!”  her father sat in a cushy recliner by the polished, functioning fireplace.

“Felder!”  Kaleigha blurted.  She stared at the man in horror as a wave of anger passed over his face.


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