Dark City Playlist Part One

Just a little something to tide you over until the book comes out.  I left off the description of the last song as it gives away something I haven’t revealed.  If you have additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments.  Click here to listen to the list on Youtube.


  1. Soundgirl Personal By Fat Jon= This is for the  beginning where everything isn’t great, but nothing is wrong
  2. Fireman by TroyBoi= This is the city’s theme. Diverse, disjointed yet functioning in a relate-able narrative
  3. Ride by Sangally= I assign this frantic song as Kaleigha’s theme.  The tune indicates how she’s being chased by various parties, but the words foretell her fate
  4. Requiem K, 626: Lacrimosa Dies by Mozart= is a blanket piece that references the endless unfolding horrors of the city’s reality.
  5. BTSTU by Jai Paul=  This is Felder’s (Kaleigha’s father’s) theme.  The melody is soft, but the words are aggressive: “Don’t fuck with me” “I’ve come for what is mine” etc
  6. U+Me by Dan Black= I see this as the embodiment of the relationship between Kaleigha and her brothers.
  7. Gun Has No Trigger by Dirty Projectors= “The crowds will yell, but the gun has no trigger.”  This is the essence of the whole book. Everyone has built up their camp with armaments and reinforcements, but they are useless against the actual truth of the situation: They are beholden to a sleeping woman whose body exists in a completely different realm.
  8. None of Us are Free by Solomon Burke= See explanation seven, but from the POV of the Fadian.  They can, perhaps exist beyond the mind of their creator, but a the loss of all they know and love.
  9. Adagio for the Strings by Samuel Barber = Captures the fear, sadness, and dawning realization of betrayal and possible death Kaleigha has as she traverses the space between worlds.  
  10. It Always come Back Around by Michael Kiwanuka…

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