Dark City Blurb

Here’s a sneak peek at the first iteration (because I always change it up) of the blurb and back cover text for my upcoming novel Dark City.
1. A poor woman’s supposed mental illness is the key to taking down the overlords that keep the city fractured and impoverished.
2. Kaleigha spent most of her hardscrabble life denying the voices that whispered in her head. She learns, unexpectedly, that the voices are not another illness she can’t afford to treat. The powerful forces that preside over the neighborhoods from the glittering towers of Center City have an agenda more terrifying that the crushing poverty they impose on the populace. Kaleigha is a vital player in the new scheme and is forced to participate. But something goes awry, allowing Kaleigha to evolve into an influential force of her own. Will Kaleigha use her new powers to bring justice to the poor or will her lack of control put the whole system in danger?

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