Faded Soul: The Choice

The vision broke as quickly as it had appeared.  

Flazie looked around.  The first rays of dawn were peeking through the window at the end of the hall.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Sophary uttered over and over, her face in her hands.  

“Do you see now, love?”  the boy whispered as he folded her in his arms.

Flazie cursed under his breath. At any moment, the old doorman would come off the elevator and ruin his chance to reclaim her.  

“Kieran,” the old woman stood at the door of the boy’s apartment. “Bring her inside.”

“She hasn’t made her decision,” Flazie put himself between the boy and his kin.

“Bloody hell!” the boy and the woman exclaimed.  

“Look at her!” Kieran eased his embrace just enough to show Sophary’s fearful face and his tear-stained shirt.

“I think we know her choice,” the woman stepped into the hall, extending the perimeter of protection to encompass the boy and Sophary.  

“I want to hear her say it,” Flazie held his ground. “I have that right.”

“We have indulged you long enough,” the woman warned.  “Be gone. You are not wanted here.”

“She has to say the words or we are unfinished,” Flazie tried to remain calm. “If you truly wish to help, don’t let me wander around for eternity, uncertain of her love.”

“You don’t deserve peace,” Kieran sneered.

“Kieran!” the woman admonished.  “We are here to protect, not judge or execute.”

“Sophary,” the woman said sweetly. “Release this being.  Tell him you no longer love him nor wish to see him.”

“No,” Sophary blubbered. “I want to know why he hates me.”

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