Faded Soul: A Game

Kieran let out a forced breath and reigned in his emotions.   This had to be some little game she was playing.  There was no way she could be this be this dumb.  

Not my soul, he thought, knowing he could escape at anytime.  Auntie’s condemning eyes came to mind, reminding him of the family honor.

Fine, He steeled himself and followed her deeper into the cottage.  A few more minutes and I’m pulling us out.

“You are free to leave, boy,” the entity said as it tried to get between Kieran and Sophary again.  

“Not on my honor,” Kieran responded and maneuvered around it.  

“You need more than foolish platitudes to get yourself out of this,”  the entity whispered.  

“How are you feeling, love?” Kieran focused on Sophary.  “Is any of this coming back to you?”

“It’s just there,”  she answered.  She looked ill and uncomfortable.  “right beyond my thoughts.”

“Like a whisper on the wind?” Kieran decided to help her along.

“None of your tricks, boy,” the entity glared at him.

“Then give her your name so we can be done with this bullshit,” Kieran snapped.  

“I don’t know your name,” Sophary blinked at the entity.

“It’s a game!’ Kieran explained, exasperated.  “And the longer it takes you to figure it out, harder it is for you to escape him.”

The entity froze, searching Sophary’s face for a reaction. Sophary turned away from them and continued her exploration of the cottage.

“Why would I ever want to leave my soulmate?”   

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