Faded Soul: Names

Flazie listened eagerly.

“Hello?”  She called timidly. “Are you ok?”

“It’s a trick, Sophary!” the boy tried to counsel her. “He is playing you.”

“You don’t know that,”  She shot back. “What did you guys do to him?”

There it was.  The tiny crack through which he could slide and reclaim her.   Flazie rose up and approached them.

“Please, love,” the boy plead, his arm around her waist.  “Come back inside and we can tell you everything.”

Flazie let out another wail before revealing himself.  He relished the boy’s terror and  her misty eyes.

“Who are you?”  She asked as he materialized before them.  

Flazie felt bold.

“Your soulmate,” he said and extended his hand.

“Lies,” the boy hissed. A thin cord of jealousy threaded his voice. “Don’t listen to it, Sophary.  It’s trying to kill you.”

She hesitated at the sound of her name. He didn’t like it.  It was silly and modern.

“Sophary, Marie, Eva, Alice, Charlotte,” Flazie threw her a sad smile. “You’ve had many names. Come with me. I can help you remember them all.”

She smiled as the old names resonated with her.

“Leave her alone!”  the boy shouted. His tone made Flazie angry.  “She is under our protection and you cannot have her.”

“You cannot hold her against her will, Celt.” Flazie composed himself. “That goes against all you stand for, no?”

“Fine,” the boy conceded, his voice was husky with emotion.  “But I’m coming with her until she knows… until she is safe.”

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