Faded Soul: Heartwarming

Flazie soared around the perimeter of the Celt’s apartment in a rage.  There were no weaknesses in the wards guarding the gathered souls. The old woman was very strong and her serene presence drove him mad.  He’d have to lure Sophary out.  

That shouldn’t be hard, he thought. She is such easy prey.  So bright and fanciful, it was a wonder her feet stayed on the ground.  But that was the problem.   Now the boy was in there spinning emerald yarns around her silly head.  

Flazie cursed and slammed against the wards again.  

They did not waiver.  

Flazie retreated to her apartment. Sophary could not be reached with anger.  Even in that long ago life in Algiers, she needed honeyed words and heartwarming moments to get her through the day.  Anger, fear, insecurity ,and loneliness.  They all passed over her like a light afternoon rain.  Flazie wanted to storm back into her life.  He wanted to rip apart the foundations that anchored her in this world and carry her away on a tide of blood.  

Why couldn’t she see how much he loved her?

There was another way to get to her.  To break the boy’s spell and make her come to him.  

Flazie stilled himself and let his emotions wash over him.

  The regrets, the sadness, and the loneliness welled up in him until his soul sank into the misery. He let the wretchedness swirl until he could take no more.  Then, as the longing for their former life carried him to the brink of no return, he opened his mouth and let out a mournful wail.

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