Faded Soul: Nuallain

“No,” Sophary shook her head.  She tried, unsuccessfully, to pull away from Kieran. “I don’t know what you and your family think you’re doing, but I’m certain there’ s been a mistake. “

“I wish it were, love,” Kieran said gently.  He eased the grip on her hands and stepped back.  “Trust me, they wouldn’t risk this trip on a hunch.”

“SOPHARY!” a disembodied voice called. 

“Oh, it’s him!”  Sophary felt her legs give out. 

Kieran let out a hearty laugh as he tried to pull her back to her feet.

“What were you saying about a mistake?”  he sputtered between breaths.

Sophary jerked her hands away from Kieran and looked around.  The whole family was enjoying a good laugh at her expense.  Everyone except the woman Kieran called “Auntie.”  Auntie’s eyes were closed and her hands rested, palms up, on the glossy furs. 

“It’s only dear Auntie, child,” the voice came again. “You are safe as long as any Nuallain of Fothairt draws breath.  Have you always been able to hear things from the other side?”

“This is stupid,” Sophary ignored the woman.  She jumped to her feet and set her features into a cold mask.  “I want to go home.”

“After you,” the humor drained for Kieran and he gave her a sweeping bow. 

“Charming,” she  said as she tipped by, “but I’ll be going on my own.”

“Not a chance,” Kieran smiled again, but his eyes were defiant.

“I’m serious Kieran,” Sophary reached for the door knob and received a small shock.

“So are we.” 



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