Faded Soul: The Veil

Sophary removed her hands and let the scream fly into the darkness.  The light returned, but something was different.  Sophary stopped screaming and rubbed her eyes, but the grey veil distorting her vision did not move. The man was nowhere in sight, but she felt the weight of his anger.  

The door to her apartment opened and the Mr. Al’s voice rang out.

“Ms. Harris? Ms. Harris are you alright?”  

“We’re coming in,”  Kieran said.  

“The shower is running,” Mr. Al said.  

The men poked their heads into the bathroom and looked right through her.  

“Where are you, love?”  Kieran called, investigating the linen closet.  “Answer us!”

Sophary gaped.  The men looked around the bathroom again and moved back to her bedroom.

“Is she under the bed?”  she heard Mr. Al ask.

“They will never find you,”  the man whispered.  “You may as well give up and accept me.”

“Why don’t you check the pool,”  Kieran suggested suddenly, “Maybe she’s took a dip?”

“Good idea,” Mr. Al agreed and left the apartment.

“I can’t see you love,”  Kieran whispered as he returned to the bathroom. His brown eyes reflected fear and worry.  “But I can hear you both.  Say something.”  

“She is mine,” the man boomed, “Leave her be.”

“Sorry, sir,” Kieran’s voice shook a bit.  He cleared his throat before continuing. “I can’t let you steal her.”

“I can’t steal what is already mine,” the man sounded amused.

“She is her own person,” Kieran asserted and moved toward them, arms outstretched. “Take my hand Sophary, I’ll bring you back.”

Without a word, Sophary lunged forward and grabbed his hands.

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