Faded Soul: Thoughts

Sophary struggled into her apartment and shut the door behind her. As she drifted toward the shower, her thoughts went back to the tiny white cottage. A feeling of comfort and satisfaction swept over her.  It meant something. The bright yellow blooms and the strange symbols were important.  Had the symbols moved or did she make that up?  The man entered her thoughts and she lost her grasp on the other things.  A shadow passed through her mind.  He was dangerous.     

Her heart fluttered as she recalled the man’s gorgeous face.  He wanted her.  
“Who are you?”  whispered aloud as she stepped under the jet of steaming water.  

“I am all you ever wanted.”

Sophary slipped as she spun around to find the source of the words. She let out a yelp as her body smacked against the ceramic tub. The man stood above her, offering his hand.  

Sopary studied his face as she pushed herself beyond his reach.  

“We can be happy together,” the man’s face cracked into a large smile. It should have disarmed her, but it made her shudder instead.  

“I am Flazie,” he moved a step closer.  

A primal scream rose up in her mind and drowned out any logical response.  She clapped her hands over her mouth to keep the sound inside

“Remember me.”  

It should have been a question, but it was a command.  Sophary’s head moved back and forth as if to keep the man’s voice, and perhaps his memory out of her head.  

“It will be worth it,”  he coxed.  But all she heard was “pain.”

His beautiful face contorted in rage and the world went dark again.  

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