Faded Soul: Home

Sophary gasped as total darkness engulfed her.  

“What the…” A dull thud interrupted Kieran’s words.

“Keiran?’ She reached out for him but her fingers clawed empty air. “Kieran say something!”

The old familiar feeling writhed into her gut and she began to sweat.  Only this time, it didn’t just squeeze her insides, it wrapped around her waist and, to her disbelief, began to pull.  Sophary opened her mouth to scream, but the pull became a jerk and suddenly she wasn’t in the darkened hallway. 

“It’s so beautiful!” Sophary marveled at the scene before her. Without a second thought, she entered the tiny whitewashed cottage covered in flowering vines.  The sweet scent of the large yellow blossoms perfumed the air in the rustic kitchen. 

“What is this?” She reached up to touch the glittering shapes slinking across the low ceiling. 

“Are you happy?”  A deep, smooth voice asked.

Sophary dropped her hand and gaped.  A tall man emerged to stand in the warm sunlight pooling in the cozy living room. His limbs open gracefully, offering a hug, but it felt more like a strong magnet drawing Sophary to his broad chest. 

“I know you,”  Sophary whispered as she glided toward him.  Her mind struggled to give him a name.  His expression became cruel yet her eyes misted over as she drank in his beautiful face. The phrase “I love you” bubbled up in her throat, so she smiled to let it out.  The noise erupted as a primal scream that dissolved the man and the cottage into inky blackness. 

“Hello?”  Sophary whispered into the thick silence. “Where’d you go?’

“Why’d you hit me?”  Kieran moaned and rolled into her legs.  Sophary crumpled to the floor just as the lights in the hallway flicked on.   Keiran and his laundry were sprawled in front of her door and a small knot stood out on the side of his head. 

“Oh!” Sophary looked around in horror. “Are you alright?”  She pawed through the tumbled laundry for a towel.

“If you didn’t want company…” Kieran moaned and reached up to feel his head.  His fingers reached the knot and froze.

“I..I … didn’t hit you,” Sophary sputtered, offering a useless towel. 

Kieran bolted upright and stared at her.  Sophary withered under his gaze and looked away.  She watched in mute disappointment as he shoved his laundry into the basket and marched off to his apartment.

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