Faded Soul: Bridesmaid

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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,  Sophary thought as she shifted in the uncomfortable shoes.  They were delicate and useless just like the unflattering dress. Her plastered smile faded as she watched the last of her single friends recite the flowery words she wrote for this special day.

 It was her own form of self-flagellation.

Her journey down this road started accidentally, back when it wasn’t such a big deal.  A friend, who was more of an enemy, stole a post off her blog for wedding vows and rewarded her with the position of maid of honor.  It hadn’t been such a big deal in those golden days of youth.  Now, as Sophary stared down another landmark birthday, she felt foolish.  

She felt foolish for letting that first transgression pass unpunished.  

She felt foolish for selling her talent so cheaply.

She felt foolish for being an extra in someone else’s big scene.

Sophary let out a loud sigh. The bridesmaid behind her jabbed an anorexic elbow into her spine and the groom frowned.  Sophary covered by smiling and dabbing her eyes with a hanky.

The ceremony concluded and she spent most of the reception graciously thanking the endless stream of people who praised the beauty of the vows.  She humbly invited them to her blog, but she knew most of them would not click beyond the home page.  

She flirted about with the groomsmen, but as always, a strange pressure entwined itself around her insides and squeezed.  Her heart began to race and sweat poured down her face. The men grinned nervously, but danced around her bungling seduction.  The internet insisted this feeling was anxiety, but her twisted gut told her it was something darker.

Sophary drifted home an alcohol-induced haze. She rolled into the cab and squinted at the seat beside her.  In the darkness between street lights, she could just make out a figure.  It was the same giant man that stood over her at night and appeared between the writhing bodies when she went out to dance in the clubs.  He’d been haunting her for years.  

“Looks like it’s you and me from here on out,” she chuckled as the pressure in her gut lessened.  The figure became solid for a moment, then disappeared as the cab pulled up to her building.   

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