Faded Soul: Hard to Love

“The first thing you must do is learn to love her again,” the guide advised.

“I do love her,” Flazie said and somewhere, deep inside, he did.  It was just that she was being so mean, so aggravating, so annoying. She made it hard to love her.

The guide did not respond.

“How can I,”  Flazie struggled with the words. “How do I love her better?”

“That’s a start,”  The guide nodded, acknowledging his efforts. “You must want to return to your old self.”

“If you let me go to her,” Flazie offered. “I can ask for her forgiveness and this will all be over.”

“You must heal in the way that best fits your soul and forgiveness will be necessary,” the guide was calm, but firm. “Look forward, not back.”

“How?” Flazie asked. “I want what we had before.”

“Clearly she does not.”

The words hit Flazie hard.  He looked at the shifting landscape trying to gather his thoughts.  Was this a trick?  Some type of test?   No, the guides were not capable of lies or deceit.  He closed his eyes and pressed his lips together.   It had never occurred to Flazie that she would not want to be with him.

“What does that mean to you?” the guide prodded him. “How do you feel?  Would you want to continue cycling with someone who does not want to be with you?”

Flazie felt the last bit of love slip from his soul.  All that was left was a burning obsession to reclaim her.

“Yes,” he said, quietly.  “We will be together, forever.”

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