Faded Soul: Soulmates

Flazie felt cold.  The bright warm feelings that engulfed him before drained away leaving him numb.

“Why wait then leave me?”  Flazie tried to feel angry, but it was nearly impossible to do so here.  He settled instead for hurt.

“She needed time to heal,”  the guide said. “To get over the betrayal. The sight of you was the final test.  If she could look at you and feel nothing, then she could move on.”

“We are soulmates,” Flazie shook his head.  “That bond cannot be so easily broken.”

“No,”  the guide wrapped an arm around him and led him away.  “But it can be worn thin and weakened.”

“It took us so long,” Flazie whispered. “So long to find each other the first time.”  He closed his eyes and thought of their first lifetime together.  She was a new soul so fresh and happy to have his guidance. He was old then and when he passed, she, by her own hand, followed.  After that first mismatched meeting, they spun in each other’s orbit over the ages until this last life.

It wasn’t his fault!

The middle of the century found them on the wrong side of an awkward transition. If only she had stayed at home!  A pretty little housewife.  A dutiful assistant.  A devoted mother.  Like she had before. This time she wanted to take the Pill and, on that fateful day, register for college. She brought her death on herself and now he was being punished for it.

Flazie looked up at his guide.

“What must I do?”


  1. This is why I love reading your works. Everything is thought provoking and intriguing, leaving the reader to wonder if everything they were taught about the afterlife was a lie!!

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