Faded Soul: Her

Flazie woke up to the bright colors and blurred outlines of the other side.

“How long have I been in soul sleep?” He wondered.  He lept to his feet, a man on a mission, and immediately sent out feelers for her.

“Come,”  a shimmering grey being gestured to him.  It was a guide!  Flazie felt honored and very fortunate.  He smiled as they set off through the mystic landscape.  It was so easy to be humble and kind on this side.  He vowed to remember these feelings and be a better companion to her this time around.

“There,”  the guide pointed to a  swirling portal. She stood next to the portal as beautiful as ever, but with a dark splotch on her skin where the bullet had torn the life from her.

Flazie smiled with relief.  She still loved him! She had waited all these years for him and now they could step into the next life together. Flazie moved toward the portal

“Not you,” the guide put up a restraining arm.

“What is this nonsense,’ Flazie struggled to move forward.  He was surprised at the guide’s strength.  “Wait!  Stop!”

It was too late. She touched the blotch then stepped through the portal.

“Let me loose!”  Flazie cried,  “I must get through before it is too late!”

“You will not be joining her this lifetime,”  the guide said and with a graceful wave, closed the portal.

“What do you mean?”  Flazie looked from the guide to the empty space left by the portal and back again. “Why can’t I go with her?”

“Your actions in your previous life changed the order of things,”  the guide answered.

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