Fall Preview Part One

I have a number of fun surprises for my readers in the second half of 2015.  First up, part two of the Solario Circle novelettes.

Solario Circle: Ashen Skies
With her mother still missing and assumed dead, Idira is promoted to the head of the circle. She faces pressure from the circle to find a suspect in her mother’s disappearance as well come up with a plan to dispose of the meteor.  Meanwhile,  the meteor’s landing has attracted outside attention. Will Brently survive Idira’s rule?

The second release, slated for the end of August, is the sequel  to The Shadows of Rykubo:

The Wrath of the Fire Crone
The priestesses abandoned their posts, the Salkona moved inland, the rivers boil, and the snow is gone from Quet Peak. What has caused all this madness in Rykubo? An invasion by the Fire Crone! The legendary witch has returned to enslave the descendants of her old followers and build a new empire on their backs. Sigolene must band together with the few remaining magic workers and destroy the Fire Crone.

On the blog readers will find two major serials.  From August 1st through the first half of October, the Faded Soul series will offer a unique perspective on the afterlife.
Flazie, a soul trapped between worlds, must watch from afar as his soulmate reincarnates and moves through her mortal life without him.   Flazie is not content to wait for her to return and tries to reunite their souls with revealing, results. 

From October through the end of the year, readers are invited to enter the House of Light and Air.
Yolkiry (ee-ol-keye-ree) is extremely proud of the 500 company she built on the bodies of her colleagues, friends, and enemies.  The cleverly named, Yolk, is a lifestyle brand at the center of all of the latest trends.  When she and her inner circle converge on secluded retreat to revamp the facility, they dig up something far more sinister than shag carpets.  

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  1. I was on a reading sabbatical after Kaleighas saga ceased. I’m so intrigued to see what you have in store for us, the dedicated few who live to gather in the Far Backroom!!

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