Dark City: Space

Kaleigha resisted the force pulling at her and for a moment, she was successful.  Back in the tunnel, the voices closed in on her location.  She turned to confront them, but before she could open her mouth, she fell to the force.

Kaleigha whizzed toward the world beyond dreaming through star-studded darkness, limbs flailing and shrieking for help.

“Kaleigha,” Egoly’s voice interrupted her artless travel with calming guidance.  “Close your mouth and concentrate. You’ll streak through space forever if you don’t choose a destination.”

“I want the world beyond dreaming!”  Kaleigha screamed.  She did not feel safe in the seemingly empty vastness between the worlds.  Something more than darkness lurked between the bright points of light.  “I want the world beyond dreaming!”

“Picture it,” Egoly cooed. “Ilma gave you a glimpse of her laboratory. Hold that in your mind’s eye.”

Kaleigha wanted to close her eyes and fill her mind with the image of Ilma asleep beneath the dangling crystals, but her senses would not allow it.

“You can do this,” Egoly prompted.  A hint of urgency crept into his voice. “You are Fadian.  All you have to do is accept your power to be powerful.”

“I’m going back,” Kaleigha said and willed herself to a complete stop. She listened intently, but all she heard was the ethereal whistling of the stars as the moved through space.

“Home,”  Kaleigha whispered as she closed her eyes to picture the city of  sparkling towers rising out of the darkened neighborhoods.

It was a terrible mistake.

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