Dark City: The Portal

Kaleigha expected Egoly to be overjoyed at her decision.  Instead, he stared at her, face blank.

“I want to go to the world beyond dreaming,” She said again.  A sudden urge to dart down the tunnel into the unknown pressed upon her.  She danced around, eyeing the way they’d come. “What is it?  What is wrong?”

Egoly shuddered then smiled.  “I was checking the world beyond dreaming  for you,” he answered.  “It is not a good time for you to come and go.”

“Egoly,” She said, as calmly as she could.  “I won’t work with someone I can’t trust.  If you feel like you need to lie to me, then there is no point in going forward with our alliance.”

She closed her eyes and waited.  The rage was getting harder and harder to drive back.  Maybe if she didn’t see the thing that infuriated her, she wouldn’t explode.

Egoly shook a few more times before going completely silent.

“Egoly?”  she said. After a few moments she opened her eyes. “Egoly!”

The ghost remained unresponsive.  His eyes were open, but unseeing and the rest of his figure was limp.

Suddenly, voices souded from finished end of the tunnel.  Kaleigha snapped her hand shut, extinguishing the flame.  She pressed herself aginst the walls in hopes of remaining undetected.

“Egoly,” she whispered once more.

The voices were becoming more distinct and figures filled in the entrance to the unfinished tunnel.  Kaleigha reached out for Egoly. As she figured, her hand passed right through the ghost. What she did not count on was the strong magnetic pull that sucked her right into Egoly’s being.

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