Dark City: Kasim’s Peace

Kaleigha closed her eyes and sighed.  She finally felt she was closing in on  the missing piece in the infuriating game between Ilma, the elders, and her father.

“Right,” she nodded, thinking back to an earlier conversation. “By her own thoughts”

“Exactly,” Egoly was excited. “She did not center herself before she entered her mind.  Although she was very clear on her intent, she was not neutral on the subject. When she got here her divided thoughts mucked up the experiment.”

“How did she end up in the crucible?’  Kaleigha asked.

“She underestimated the strength of magic,” Egoly shook his head.  “ The elders bound her as soon as there were enough of them to overpower her. In retaliation, she built the city up around village in an attempt to contain magic.  But the city grew too strong and she was banished back here.”

“Don’t listen to him,”  Kasim stepped between them.  “There are many false things in this world and maybe there is no right, but it is better to ally yourself with those who need you, than to follow and unknown player.”

Kaleigha studied his face.  There was bewilderment and despair in his eyes.  The cheerful guy that greeted her at the gate was gone.

“I’m sorry, brother,” Kaleigha said suddenly.  With one wave of her hand he succumbed to the true death and his form dissolved into a million tiny lights.”You deserve peace.”

Kasim’s lights fluttered frantically around the tunnel, spreading their light and waking the other ghosts.

“A true talent,” Egoly whispered, watching the lights ping off the walls.  She could barely hear him over the murmurings of the other Fadian.

“Let’s get you down,” She said as she unknotted the lashings on his sling.  The knots were dusty and nearly fused into solid balls.  She was tempted to ask how long he’d been hanging there, but she doubted he knew.

He floated gently to the floor and gave her a wide smile.
“What is your plan?”  he asked.

“Take me,” Kaleigha choked on the cutesy name. “To the world beyond dreaming.”

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