Dark City: Weapons

Kaleigha squinted at the man. Nothing of note jumped out at her.

“I don’t see anything on you that says Fadian.”

“Right now you are still separated from your true powers,” Egoly wiggled in his bonds. “You are still distracted by the idea of being a savior.”

Kaleigha shifted away from Egoly.  She was seconds from losing her temper and being that close to his face was not helping.

“Separated?”  She thought back over the past… Kaleigha laughed. It was always dark and she was dead. There was no way of telling what time it was or how long she had been in the village. She did know that Ilma, Felder, the elders and even Kasim had indicated that she had powers greater than she knew.

“Yes,” Egoly nodded eagerly.  “All you have to do is realize you have them and you will be fully Fadian.”

“Like fire,” she said, looking down at that neat flame dancing in her hand.

“And wind, water, and of course the world we exist in.”

“What of the outside world?” Kaleigha asked.

“The world beyond dreaming?” Egoly said wistfully. “That is what we call it.”


“The other Fadian.” He nodded toward the dark tunnel.  “No, we are nothing more than ghosts there.  That which binds us here prevents us from using our powers there.”

“What is the point? Why breed something then stop it for serving its purpose?”

“The war that gave purpose to this world has contaminated it.” Egoly looked sad. “Those who created us, those who would control us…They don’t want us to save the world or unite magic and science,  they want to use us as weapons.”

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