Dark City: Waylaid Saviors

Kaleigha chuckled and looked at her feet.  She wondered if she gave in to the blood rage and sent Egoly to a true death if the elders would be angry.

“Your lies are why you are trapped down here!” Kasim shouted, but his voice shook.

“We are trapped here,” Egoly said, “In this living tomb simply because we are who we were meant to be.”

“You are the promised Fadian so they trapped you here?” Kaleigha was certain this conversation was going to end in a fit of shared blood rage.  Kasim was right, they should have pressed on.

“They have filled your head and heart with this idea of you being a savior.”

“And we are not?” Kaleigha gave Kasim the ‘I’m sorry’ face. He answered with a blistering look.

“We are, but that is a distraction,” Egoly’s face was animated.  “They tell us that so we don’t see that they are controlling us.”

“Who?” Kaleigha grew curious.

“Science…or magic,” Egoly frowned.  “It depends on where you are born. But either way, the moment you start doing your job, fulfilling your destiny, facing your fate..and such, they kill and bind you.”

“Are you science or magic?”  Kaleigha asked.  She wasn’t interested in the answer, she just needed a  few moments to process what he was telling her.

“Magic, as are all Fadian who are village born,”  Egoly answered.  “You city kin are subject to science.”

“Wait.  How do you know I’m from the city?”  His assessment derailed her thoughts.

“Fadian,” he said calmly. “can see everything.”

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