Dark City: Fadian Secret

Kaleigha let out a peal of laughter that bounced off the cave walls and rippled down the tunnel.

“Have I said something amusing?” Egoly asked, offended.

“No,” Kasim shook his head frantically, “This isn’t funny at all.”

Kaleigha kept laughing.  Their expressions tickled her even more.

“We have to get going,”  Kasim reached for her, but the Egoly shook his head ‘no.’

“She’s still in shock,” He said. For some reason, this angered Kaleigha.

“Don’t,” she said as the last of her laughter echoed in far reaches of the tunnel.  “Don’t play the kindly elder with me.”

Egoly  studied her.

“We must go,” Kasim bounced on the balls of his feet. ‘These were not our orders.”

Kaleigha looked at him and wondered what his orders actually were.

“Please,” He pled, his eyes desperate.

Kaleigha cut her eyes and turned to Egoly.

“So please,” she sniggered, “Tell me how there can be more than one Fadian.”

“Easily,” Egoly shrugged as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  “It’s no different from having a short or a tall person be born.  Or better still, selectively breeding to get a certain hair texture or eye color.”

“So why are you here  and not out converting science to magic and whatever?” She asked.

“Because we could not be controlled,” he said shifting his eyes to the ghost beside him.

“We?”  Kasim shifted away from the ghosts.

“Yes,” Egoly nodded.  “All the ghosts lashed onto these walls were…no are Fadian.”

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