Dark City: Hypocrites

“Watch yourself,” Kaleigha warned.  She felt the blood rage radiating off of  him, but remained unbothered.  In fact, she felt calmer than she had since she left her mother’s house. “We can’t complete our mission if we turn on each other.”

“Right,”  Kasim backed down.  “Whatever you say.”

“Don’t be salty just ‘cause I’m right,” She smirked, “Now take this gag off.”

“Seriously?” Kasim’s eyes grew wide. “They aren’t part of our mission.”

“Ah!” she said triumphantly. “ You do know who they are!”

“I know the rumor,”  he frowned at the figures. “The whispers around the fire.  The extra guard after the …”

“After the what?”  she prompted.  “What are they?”

“They are the village dead,”  he said after a moment of consideration. “Nothing more.”

“Except they aren’t,” Kaleigha shook her head. “They look more like prisoners to me.”

“Not everyone makes the transition from living to dead  in grace and peace,” Kasim pressed his lips closed, reluctant to say more.

“So if you fuck up, you spend the rest of eternity bound and gagged in the dark?”

Kasim nodded.
“So much for serenity,”  She sighed.  “We city kin may be violent and angry, but at least we aren’t hypocrites.”

“We have to get going if we’re going to save Maya,” Kasim pointed to the conjured flames.  “Put that out.  We don’t want to agitate them.”

“They are bound,” she reminded him as she willed out the fire in one hand. “And it looks like the same stuff the cloaks are made of.”

Kasim grunted an answer and walked off.

Kaleigha sneered at him before removing the gag from ghost’s mouth.

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