Dark City: Gag

Kaleigha swung her hand closer to one of the hanging figures.  She and Kasim jumped when the ghost’s eyes flew open. The eyes were flat and unseeing, but the the mouth worked incessantly.

“Take the gag off,” Kaleigha jerked her chin at Kasim.

He stared at the ghost for a moment before shaking his head.

“We should get going,” Kasim said, stepping back. “There’s nothing here for us.”

“I said take the gag off!  I want to know what it’s trying to say.” Kaleigha was irked by his resistance.

“It will only scream,’ Kasim turned and continued into the tunnel. “We must travel undetected if we hope to succeed.”

“That’s it?”  Kaleigha laughed.  “You just gonna make some cryptic statement and walk away?”

“We are not like you,”  Kasim said, his voice growing faint. “We are not from the city and definitely not Fadian. You must accept that.”

“You’re a bunch of pussies that sit around until someone brings the shit to your door?” Kaleigha thought of his sudden appearance at the battle. “That’s what you mean?’

“No,”  Kasim reemerged from the darkness.  “The village is a haven. It is a place of serenity where we keep the peace.”

“At all costs,” Kaleigha countered. His face grew angry and she added.  “According to Felder.”

“The elders never gave life to such thoughts until Kahrim came to the village.  He broke the peace.  You city kin are born restless! You don’t want to do what’s best for everyone.  IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!”

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