Dark City: Shroud

Kaleigha felt the impending danger the moment they stepped into the darkened section of the tunnel. The air around them became thick and the atmosphere grew tense.  Kaleigha felt a quiver of fear. The contrast was physical, too. The tunnel walls were closer and debris covered the floor.

“Something is down here with us,” Kasim’s disembodied voice floated to her through the darkness.

“I can’t see anything,” she said as a small trickle of panic slithered down her spine. “Do you hear something?”

“I feel them,”  Kasim sounded distracted.  “On the walls.”

“The walls?” Kaleigha looked to either side, but saw nothing. She reached out for the nearest wall and instead of plaster, she felt a face. “What the fuck!”

“Don’t touch them,” Kasim warned.  “And keep moving.”

“No, stop,” Kaleigha said,  “I want to see them.”

“Do you have a light?”  he asked.

“I’m Fadian, right?”  Kaleigha put her hands out before her.


“Felder and Ilma made it seem like I have powers,” She focused on recapturing the feeling of jets of flame shooting from her body. “Maybe I can shed some light.”

“Alright,” Kasim was calm. “Try not to burn the place down.”

“Never going to live that down am I?”  she sighed.


Kaleigha gasped as the flames flared up from her palms.

“Shit,” Kasim uttered, but he was not staring at the fire.

“What bullshit is this?”  Kaleigha fought the urge to laugh.  Ghosts, gagged and bound in tight shrouds, hung on the tunnel walls.


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