Dark City: Trade

The woman in Felder’s grip shrieked and struggled against her captor.

“Hailmon!” Felder yelled again. He threw her to the ground and motioned to the nearest Labor Leader.  The man looked uneasy, but followed Felder’s order to detain the woman.

“You coward!” Kaleigha frowned at Felder.

“You’ve gone too far this time, father,” Kahrim said.  His voice was level and his face grave.

“Not even close,” Felder laughed.  “Go get the old man, so we can get this trade over with.”

“Kaleigha, come with me,” Kahrim said. “Kasim, stay put. Annihilate anyone that steps in this direction.”

“Kahrim?” Kasim grabbed his brother’s arm, eyes wide with fear.

“Anything,” Kahrim nodded and pried Kasim off his arm.

“Who is that woman?” Kaleigha asked once they were on the second floor.  To her surprise, the first floor of the mansion was packed with living villagers.  They crowded around the front windows gaping at the aftermath of the battle and bemoaning the fate of the woman. The villagers gave Kaleigha and Kahrim berth.

“Hailmon’s second blood,” Kahrim answered, using village parlance.  “Maya is his granddaughter to be exact.”

“Will our father kill her?” Kaleigha asked as they started up the attic stairs.

“Death is easy,”  Kahrim shook his head.  “He will take her back to the city and…and…and give Hailmon a great grandchild.”

“That fucker,” Kaleigha said. “What can’t we just have Kasim blast him to bits?”

“If it were up to me, we would,” Kahrim sighed. “But I am not an elder, so we operate according to the rules our father ignores.”

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