Dark City: Into the Lights

Kasim gawked at the battle, clearly not able to comprehend the scene before him.

“Kasim!” Kaleigha moved into the fighting mass, trying to get his attention.   He zoomed in on her just in time to see one of Felder’s legion tackle her.
“Get off me!” she screamed, swinging with all her might.  Kaleigha learned quickly that this was no hood fight.  The other ghost, a slender man with a long beard, ignored her fists. Instead, he dug his hands into her stomach and squeezed.  Kaleigha felt the effects immediately. Glittering lights filled her vision and her body became light as air.

“Resist!” someone shouted. “Kaleigha, fight back!”   It might have been Kahrim or even Felder, but it didn’t matter.  All she wanted was to float up into the warm sea of sparkles.

“Beautiful,” she sighed and stopped struggling against the ghost.

“I got her!” the ghost declared, triumphant. “I got the Fadian!”

Someone shouted her name and she tried to answer.  To tell them how beautiful the lights were, but instead she was slammed by a wave of blood rage.

“Get away from her!” Kasim’s voice swept the euphoria from her brain. His anger radiated across the village bringing the battle to a halt.  Kasim roared and Felder’s legions dissipated into a bright swirl of tiny lights.  The Labor Leaders retreated to the far side of the village.

Kaleigha stumbled to her feet and lurched toward Kasim.

“Hailmon!”  Felder emerged from the house dragging a young woman by the hair.

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