Dark City: Battle

Kaleigha and Kahrim exchanged shocked looks.

“She’s in the attic!” Felder called and two of the Labor Leaders moved forward, each backed by a legion of ghosts.

“Stop!” Kaleigha shouted.  The Labor Leaders paused.  Kaleigha closed her eyes and tried to summon the jets of flame.

“You don’t know what Fadian means,” Felder put a hand on her shoulder, breaking her concentration. “Not yet.”

“If she isn’t a threat,” Kahrim pulled Kaleigha away from Felder. “Then why come here? Why break the peace?”

“Forward!”  Felder thundered prompting the legions to rush the house. Kahrim bellowed orders to the village dead as he attacked the invaders. The dead swarmed each other in a fascinating swirl of black and bronze. Beautiful clouds of tiny lights spurted into the air wherever Kahrim struck.  They swirled and drifted into the trees overhead.

“One day, daughter,” Felder whispered, grabbing her arm. “You will understand your powers and you will thank me for removing this temptation from you.”

“Temptation?”  Kaleigha tried to pull out of his grip. “You cause more problems with your twisted words than the elders and Ilma put together.”

Felder stared into her eyes, then let her go and walked away from the battle. She had the odd urge to chase after him, but she forced herself to stay put as he entered one of the modern houses.

“Kaleigha!” Kahrim shouted adjusting her focus. He was fending of one of the Labor Leaders while strangling the other. “Get to the attic!”

Her eyes swept the lawn for a way through the battle from her position.  Instead of an escape, she found Kasim standing on the porch.

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