Dark City: Service

Kahrim was thunderstruck.

“Yes,” Felder signaled the labor leaders. “We know of the sleeper.”

“You can’t take her,” Kahrim left the porch to face his father, “There is more to the story.”

“We know of Ilma and her mission,”  Felder looked past Kahrim to Kaleigha. “It is our job to monitor the situation.  It is our service to the city.”

“Ilma won’t come into the village,” Kahrim stepped into his father’s line of vision.

“Of course she won’t” Felder scoffed, “It would be her death.”

“What?” Kahrim asked, confused.

“The true death,” Felder pointed at the trees.

Kahrim was silent.

“That’s right, son,” Felder nodded. “Those old bats know, too.”

Kahrim looked back at Kaleigha.

“You still have no right to be here,” Kaleigha said, pushing her way through the line of ghosts.

“Not even a day under their rule and you’ve already succumbed to the blood rage,” Felder looked her up and down.  “No need to worry, I’m sure they will have plenty more missions to slake your thirst.”

“Leave,’ Kaleigha ordered. “No harm will come to the city from Ilma.”

“I have never feared Ilma,” rage flickered across Felder’s face. “She has no power over me.”

“Then why are you here?” Kaleigha asked. “Why do you want to take the sleeper?”

“To keep the city safe,” Felder returned to his usual charming self. “I have spent my life in  service of the city.”

“She has been here all this time,” Kahrim spoke up. “What’s different now?’

“Now?” the rage returned to Felder’s face. “Now there is a Fadian.”

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