Slam Saturdays: Jazz Magician

Jazz Magician

Jazz Musician…


Misty notes

Floating me back

Through the whispering high grasses

To the long house of other years.

Where I flitted gleefully

About the worn skirts

Of the the lady with soft hair.

Too old even then

The voice still strong

Singing the standards when they were young.

And the forgotten songs.

Broken shards

From a time when the art was born.

The two of us


On the scorched plain.

New York

New Orleans


Kansas City

Hey days


In the worn long house

with a windup gramophone.

“Can’t live this life forever…”

Strong whiskey

Wild clubs

Get back to Texas

Bring the girl up in sunshine.

“Cant life this life forever…”

Dirt Floor

No shoes

Go into town

Visit sometime.

In this club

Where she began.

I sat,

Completing some unknown cycle.


Guided by

the Jazz Magicians.


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