Dark City: Failure


Kaleigha and Kahrim journeyed back to the village in silence.  There was nothing left to say.  Without Ilma their mission was a failure.

“What will the elders say?” Kaleigha gave Kahrim a sidelong look.

“Let me worry about that.,” He said gruffly.

“Really?”  Kaleigha stopped short and stared at him.  Kahrim did not acknowledge her at all.  He stalked through the darkness with swift, certain steps.

“Kahrim!” She jogged after him, catching him at the border of the village.  “What are they going to do to us? To Kasim?”

He waited until she was beneath the lit trees to snatch off her cape. The tiny lights descended from their perch and engulfed her.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed and before the work was out her mouth she was back in the old house. This time the elders were in the living room, gathered around a tea table.

“What happened?” Hailmon sat up in his chair.

“Where is Kahrim?” Alya asked, worried.

“She refused,” Kahrim came into the room and tossed Kaleigha her cloak.

“Because of her?” Karen stood and glared at Kaleigha.

“That’s it!” Kaleigha threw the cloak around her shoulders and got in Karen’s face. “You old cunts are the main reason she wants to kill everyone.”

“Kaleigha!”  Alya and Kahrim cried, scandalized.

“You dare!” Karen drew herself up to her full height and pulled out a shard of green crystal.

“Stop her! Stop her! She’ll ruin everything!” Delaine screeched and backed into a corner.

Hailmon looked from Karen to Kaleigha unsure of who he was supposed to stop.

“Both of you stand down!” Kahrim stood between them.

“Move boy!” Karen ordered, pointing the crystal over his shoulder.

“Do it!” Kaleigha lunged past her brother and grabbed the woman’s hair.  “I will fuck you up!”

The crystal fell to the ground as Kahrim pried her off Karen.


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