Dark City: The Call

Kaleigha opened her mouth to protest, Kahrim silenced her with a stern look

“As you wish, elders,” Kahrim gave a slight bow and dragged kaleigha from the room.  He put a finger to his lips as they rushed through the empty halls.

“Where is Kisam?”  Kaleigha asked. “He should come with us.”

“He would be of little use, Kaleigha,” Kahrim looked at his feet as if embarrassed.

“Why?”   A tingle of the blood rage welled up in her. “What happened to him?”

“He is resting,” Kahrim evaded her questions. “He will be better once the mother…the Sleeper…Ilma is back in her body.”

“You don’t believe that,” she studied his profile.

“Of course I do,” he smiled.  “The other option is unthinkable.

“Here,” he said as they stopped before a line of hooks that held a number of embroidered cloaks.  Kaleigh picked a sparkling blue one that turned out to be a short cape.

“It suits you, baby sister,” Kahrim smiled and tied the ends into a pretty bow.

“Thank you,” she said and some of the impatience flowed out of her.

“Let’s go,” he said, slipping out the backdoor. “I have an odd feeling that time is short.”

“How will we find her,” She asked as they plunged into the woods at a jog.

“The dead are connected,” he answered, guiding them away from their previous path.  “We can call to one another and we are compelled to answer.”

“Kasim said Ilma did not answer the call,” Kaleigha squinted at her brother.

“The call has no hold over her,” he agreed. “But I think this time she will answer.”

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