Dark City: Another Way

Kaleigha turned away from Ilma and moved into the bright light of the village trees.  Something inside of her urged her back to the old house in the middle of the settlement.

“There has to be another way,” Kaleigha stopped at the boundary, searching for the cloak Kasim left in the bushes. “Why would you destroy the city when there could be more Fa-fad… More like me in the city?”

“Possibly,” Ilma said, stopping just beyond the reach of the lit trees. “But i am a scientist”

“So what?”  Kaleigha asked.  She was annoyed that she could not find the cloak. “Wouldn’t you want to find more results from your experiment?”

“Not quite,”  Ilma shifted. “An experiment is not judged by the number of results from a single try.”  The woman gave Kaleigha a pleading look before continuing.

“As successful experiment is one that can be repeated with predictable results on multiple tries.”

Kaleigha gave her a blank look.

“You are everything we hoped for, but I have to produce more.”

“So you will sweep this world clean and create a new one?”

Ilma nodded.

“And what becomes of me?”

“Because you are Fadian, you will transition to the real world,”  Ilma opened her mouth to say more, but closed it again.

“What?” Kaleigha felt the sudden urge to hit the Ilma.  When the woman didn’t answer she shouted. “WHAT!”

“You will be tested,” Ilma said softly. “to your limits.”

“No,” Kaleigha was no longer interested in anything to do with being Fadian. “You’re a smart person, find a better way.”

Kaleigha threw Ilma a sad look before crossing the village boundary and allowing the tiny lights to whisk her away.

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