Dark City: The End

“I thought that was your rebel group?”  Kaleigha asked.

“What better name for our group than our goal” Ilma gave her a strained smile.

“What am I?” Kaleigha asked.

“What thoughts come to mind at the sound of your name?” Ilma asked as if the visions should have been sunlight and flowering fields.

Kaleigha shook her head to empty her mind of streets running red with blood and the smoldering ruins of the towers.

“Ilma,” Kaleigha whimpered,  “Finish the story.”

“Oh my dear,” Ilma smiled, “The story is never over.  It is always creating new parts of itself.  The park, the city, the foolish class drama, they are all part of the story.”

“Why did you want to destroy it?” Kaleigha tried to pull away from the woman, but somehow Ilma had a tight grip.

“It was a test dearheart,”  Ilma folded their hands together.  “To be sure you were not something powerful, but unruly like your father.”

“My father said he was in service to the city,”  Kaleigha felt a sudden surge of strength. “He wanted me to die to keep the city safe.”

“He knew you were Fadian and wanted to control you,” she said.  “To take away your shine and make you one of his minions.”

“And what will you do?”  Kaleigha steadied her voice. “What is the purpose of Fadian.”

“You are what we planed to achieve.  You are the perfect blend of science and magic!” Ilma exclaimed.  “You will bring an end the war!”

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